View of Bora Bora from the window of my plane as I arrive.

The Oa Oa hotel.


The 'Solent Dove' and her patched dinghy. The smell of frying bacon and eggs told me where to find them.


Our little thatched hut in the Oa Oa.

Outside our door was a sunny stone wall where Peter sat reading the yachting magazines I had brought him from Heathrow.

Taking my luggage to the 'Dove' ready to leave for Rarotonga

I gave Rocky my camera to take our picture as we sailed past 'Quinquereme' -­ the result is the cover of this book.

Bora Bora fades into the distance.. The 'Club Med' island is just visible and their yacht.

En route for Rarotonga. The first day it was hot and sunny and we sunbathed. The second day it rained and it was difficult to find anything to take sights on.



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