The 'Dove' awaits its turn to go through the Panama Canal

Panama Canal


The grave of Paul Gauguin, the French painter, in the Marquesa Islands. Jacques Brel, the Belgian poet, songwriter and singer spent the last part of his life sailing round the world in his large steel yacht, 'Askoy II'; when he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer he decided to spend his last years in the Marquesa Islands.  He died in 1978 and is buried on Hiva Oa next to Gauguin.

View from Gauguin's grave.

No sooner had the 'Solent Dove' put down an anchor than she was surrounded by a welcoming committee of bare-breasted vahiné splashing about in the water.


Typical Polynesian Church

A celebration was in full swing in the bay of Papeete to welcome the arrival of the 'Hokule'a' (built 1973-75), being towed into the harbour by

local canoes. This was a re-enactment of earlier voyages of migration from Hawaii to the Society Islands using traditional navigational methods.

David Lewis, the renowned sailor, had travelled on board to study the ancient navigational methods used during the journey.

'Hokulea' means 'star of gladness' in Hawaiian, referring to Arcturus, a guiding zenith star for Hawaiian navigators. In layman¹s terms, Arcturus passes directly overhead at Hawaii's latitude and so helps sailors find Hawaii.

A multitude of local Tahitians came to welcome the 'Hokulea'.

A closer view.