Our arrival in Bequia (pronounced 'Beck-way', in Arawak it means 'Island of Clouds').

This is the Frangipani Hotel where we found ourselves anchored when we woke up in the morning.

The Frangipani Hotel garden.


Two catamarans were nearby: If 'Dogs Run Free' with Mike and Carol and 'Tao To Toa' with John and Caroline.


Peter emerging from the water after cleaning the bottom of the boat.

Leaving the 'Solent Dove' to go ashore.

Julia and Rocky from 'Quinquereme' climb aboard the 'Solent Dove'.

Rocky, Echo and friend greet us as we row past in our dinghy.

Friendship Bay, where we had lunch at the hotel and Peter helped repair the fridge

Jacques, the Belgian fisherman from Knokke le Zoute.

Jacques asking me to choose from the fish he had just caught. We could have it for free if we invited him to join us for dinner.

The fish.

Ron was a solo sailor from England who wore a cut-off pyjama leg for a hat; we invited him to join our fish feast.

Rocky too came on board for the fish feast.

We all left together for Cannouan.

Ron's boat 'Barney' was never far away as we sailed to Tobago Cays.

Rocky and Ron choosing a spot for our barbecue on Tobago Cays.

Ron, Paddy, Julia and Echo preparing for the barbecue.

No sooner was the anchor down in Carriacou than Mike and Carol rowed across to  invite us on to their boat for tea:  'The kettle's already on', Carol called out.

Our last sad breakfast on board the 'Dove' before leaving for the airport in Antigua.